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One of the biggest misunderstandings in foreign trade logistics: who is responsi

Back source: FAQ Time: 2020-08-26 15:00:17

More and more foreign trade newcomers (and even some old salesmen) have many misunderstandings in foreign trade logistics. Today, Jintaida International will first talk about the destination customs clearance issue. Many foreign traders think it is the responsibility of freight forwarding, but it is not. Freight forwarding is only an intermediary who provides related services and connections, and is only responsible for transportation. The transportation problems will be dealt with as best as possible, but the issue of customs clearance cannot be summarized to the freight forwarder.

   Due to industry competition, express freight forwarders provide a lot of value-added services (many of them are free), which has caused the biggest misunderstanding of foreign traders about customs clearance:

   Four major express delivery (DHL UPS FEDEX TNT) plus some special line channels such as EMS and Aramex, these channels belong to the traditional express industry, door-to-door service, the express company conducts unified customs declaration for all the goods in the destination country , The courier company will carry out unified customs clearance for all goods, that is, the courier company we said will help you clear the goods first, but in this process, if it is because of your goods itself, sensitive goods and product names, etc. If customs clearance is not possible, then DHL or UPS will prompt to ask the recipient to contact the local DHL or UPS and other prompts (extension: many foreign trade people are very scared when they see such prompts on the official website, but they are actually very small. For the problem, send an email to the customer and ask him to contact the local DHL or UPS for assistance.)

   Many foreign traders, especially newbies, may first order a small sample. After leaving the express delivery, there is nothing to be found. The customs clearance is smoothly delivered to the customer, so they begin to form in their minds, and freight forwarding can solve it. For customs clearance, slowly this kind of thinking becomes deeply ingrained, and even if this error is corrected later, it is still often habitually regarded as the responsibility of the freight forwarder.

   There is also a type of foreign trader, they know very clearly that the customer is responsible for customs clearance at the destination, but after a problem, he firmly believes that it is the responsibility of the freight forwarder, because the express delivery is door to door, and any problems in the middle are required. You are responsible. This is an act of shirking responsibility.

   In fact, customs clearance of goods is relatively not difficult (for general cargo companies): What are the factors that affect customs clearance? Different countries have different customs clearance requirements. The most common influencing factors are the value of goods, the name of the invoice, whether it is electrified, sensitive goods and dangerous goods, etc. The value of goods is the most frequently operated by foreign traders. In order to save customs duties and low declarations for customers, this It is forgivable, but Jintaida International kindly reminds you not to write too low. The customs clearance process usually assesses the value of the goods. If the goods are detained due to low declaration issues, the gain is not worth the loss; the name of the invoice, the name of the product and the actual goods Inconsistent, this is still relatively rare; battery shipments are strictly investigated for a few days every year due to this problem, or channels are temporarily suspended to receive live products. Some people deliberately conceal the fact that batteries are hidden in the cargo. When products without electricity are released, If it is found, it will be forcibly returned unconditionally (return costs will cause a lot of economic losses to the sender), Jintaida International once again warmly reminds you not to redeem the goods, there are too many sensitive goods in the market, generally for sensitive goods, Freight forwarders will have the company's sensitive channels to run these goods. Basically, it is safer to use sensitive channels, and the goods can reach customers smoothly.

    I hope that all foreign traders will remember that the customs clearance process, any problems are the responsibility of foreign customers, and have nothing to do with transportation or sellers. Of course, sometimes in order to maintain the customer, the transporter and the seller will try their best to help the customer solve the customs clearance problem, but please do not confuse the concept, after all, freight forwarding is not a panacea.