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International logistics customs clearance invoice related issues

Back source: FAQ Time: 2020-08-26 15:02:04

1 All parcel-type international express goods must be accompanied by triplicate invoices, and postal parcel products do not need to be accompanied by invoices.

    2 The invoice should specify the recipient and sender's information, detailed product name, quantity, origin, unit price and total price of the express shipment, and affix the seal of the sending company.

    3 No invoice or incomplete invoice content will affect the transit time of express shipments.

    4 The description of the name of the goods should be detailed and specific, not too general or vague, such as CLOTHES, GARMENT, TOOLS, ACCESSORY, PARTS, etc. Please fill in the product name in English, and provide the product name in both Chinese and English for special goods (more professional items). Textiles need to indicate the exact material, style, type and quantity of clothing.