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1. The sender should use English to fill in item by item in detail, accurately, and truthfully when handing in the express; use a typewriter or ballpoint pen when filling in, so that the handwriting of the consignment of the waybill is clear and legible;   

2. The name and address of the recipient and sender should be detailed and accurate, and a telephone number must be provided so that you can contact in time when there is a problem with the shipment; shipments with a recipient address only a post office box number will not be accepted and sent; the company's express address No responsibility for delays in delivery caused by errors or omissions;  

3. Cash, dangerous goods and other prohibited items listed in national laws and relevant regulations and items prohibited by the carrier as express items shall not be included in the express; all losses caused by the sender's violation of the prohibition and restriction The company does not assume any responsibility;

4. According to the relevant regulations of the International Air Transport Association, when the volumetric weight of the shipment is greater than the actual weight, the freight rate of the shipment will be charged according to its weight and weight. The specific calculation formula is: length X width X height/5000=volume weight  

5. In order to ensure the smooth customs clearance of the express, please declare the name, number, weight, declared value and country of origin of the express shipment (including documents) in English in the corresponding column in detail and truthfully to the customs, and any item of express All commercial invoices filled in English should be enclosed in triplicate, otherwise it may cause delays in customs clearance;   

6. For express parcels with wrong addresses, unknown addresses, or prohibited items, the sender shall bear the return transportation costs when returning; if the sender does not need to return, the relevant express parcels will be destroyed on the spot;   

7. Compensation Standard     

    (1) For lost or completely damaged business data express shipments, the maximum compensation amount per piece is US$10 (compensation is based on the standard of international carriage terms. Regardless of its commercial utility or special value to the sender   

    (2) For the lost or completely damaged items, the maximum compensation amount is US$100 per ticket (compensation according to the standard of international transportation clauses);   

    (3) For the item type express with partly lost or partially damaged internal parts, compensation will be based on the declared value of the express ticket, but the maximum amount of compensation shall not exceed US$100 (compensated according to the standard of international transportation clauses);   

    (4) The company is not liable for compensation for force majeure and indirect losses.