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Guangdong Free Trade Zone is listed, Qianhai will follow closely

Back source: Industry News Time: 2020-08-26 14:59:50

Shenzhen Metropolis Daily (Reporter Peng Guihong Text/Photo) Yesterday morning, at a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council, the overall plan for the China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone was officially announced. According to authoritative sources, the listing ceremony of the Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as the Guangdong Free Trade Zone) was held in Nansha today. The relevant staff of the Qianhai Administration Bureau went to Guangzhou to participate in the listing ceremony. The listing of the Qianhai Free Trade Zone will be followed. , And will announce a package of bonus policies.

        Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou Area focuses on the development of strategic emerging service industries such as finance, modern logistics, information services, and technological services, and builds a pilot demonstration window for the opening of my country's financial industry, an important base for world service trade, and an international hub port. What are the specific contents of the overall plan for the Guangdong Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as the general plan)? What is the progress of Shenzhen Qianhai in all aspects? Yesterday, the relevant staff of the Qianhai Administration Bureau briefed the reporters of Shendu on the relevant situation.


        "One stop" has been realized

        General plan: Explore the entire process of electronic registration and electronic business license management, establish a "one-stop" efficient service model with one-person acceptance and simultaneous approval, and build a unified platform for market access and a "single window" for international trade.

        Qianhai: At present, ordinary enterprises have registered in Qianhai and have achieved "one-stop". Qianhai will implement online services this year to improve the efficiency of the Qianhai e-stop service center. The Qianhai online service hall will maintain a unified style, interconnection, and in-depth docking with the provincial, municipal, and district online service halls. It mainly includes five modules: investment approval, online service, open government affairs, government-civilian interaction, and efficiency monitoring. The hall of the network office will realize the parallel approval of foreign investment and registration; unified coding of planning and construction projects and one-off acceptance; optimization of the through train module for Hong Kong enterprises, etc. For Hong Kong-funded enterprises, there is a through train service for Hong Kong-owned enterprises. For foreign-funded enterprises, the approval and industrial and commercial registration are combined, and the pre-approval by the head of the Ministry of Commerce becomes a post-recording nature.

        9 community self-employed stores

        Can buy bonded goods

        General plan: Implement a negative list system for foreign investment in the pilot free trade zone, reduce and abolish restrictions on foreign investment access.

        Qianhai: The free trade zone has a unified negative list. This negative list removes or relaxes restrictions in some areas, making it more open and transparent.

        General plan: Under the premise of strictly implementing the taxation policy for import and export of goods, it is allowed to establish a bonded exhibition and trading platform in the special customs supervision area.

        Qianhai: On March 27, the Tempus Qianhai bonded physical store officially opened for trial operation. The demand for orders was huge at a time, and the popularity of the bonded store caused the bonded store to suspend several times. Reopened on April 18, Yu Haiyue, Director of Cross-border E-commerce Operations of Tempus Group, revealed that in the future citizens can place orders to buy bonded goods in 9 communities in Shenzhen. The first batch of plans is to cooperate with 400 self-employed stores in the community, and citizens go to self-employed stores. You can place an order by scanning the QR code.

        Qianhai Mudlong

        10%-30% cheaper imported cars sold

        General plan: Support the development of pilot parallel imports of automobiles. Importers should bear the responsibilities of after-sales service, recall, "three guarantees" and other responsibilities, and warn consumers of consumption risks.

        Qianhai: In March this year, the Ministry of Commerce formally approved the trial of parallel import cars in Qianhai, Shenzhen. The imported luxury cars sold by Qianhai Mudlong in the exhibition hall of Qianhai Vanke Corporate Mansion are 10% to 30% cheaper than the listed prices of domestic 4s stores. Parallel import car dealers cannot enjoy after-sales service, and cannot enjoy manufacturer recalls, after-sales rights protection claims and a series of third-party services. However, Qianhai Mudlong has already cooperated with insurance companies to provide after-sales maintenance services to all 4S stores that have signed contracts.

        ICBC Qianhai Branch

        Cross-border RMB loan market accounts for 40%

        General plan: Support commercial banks to set up institutions in the Pilot Free Trade Zone to carry out foreign currency offshore business, and allow qualified Chinese banks in the Pilot Free Trade Zone to conduct foreign currency offshore business on a trial basis. Banking financial institutions in the Pilot Free Trade Zone are allowed to conduct cross-border RMB loans and other businesses with Hong Kong and Macau counterparts, and financial institutions and enterprises borrow RMB funds from Hong Kong, Macau and abroad.

        Qianhai: As the first state-owned bank branch to settle in Qianhai, ICBC Qianhai Branch has been established on November 30 last year. In just over a year, the cross-border RMB loan market has accounted for nearly 40%, of which the filing amount is up to 22.7 billion yuan and the withdrawal amount exceeded 4 billion yuan. ICBC Qianhai Branch has also made continuous breakthroughs in the innovation of financial products such as cross-border RMB loans, cross-border investment, cross-border bond issuance, and financial leasing, and launched products such as personal cross-border products "Out of Memory Loan". Since Qianhai took the lead in launching cross-border RMB loans in the country in January 2013, the cumulative filing amount of Qianhai cross-border loans has reached 73.8 billion yuan by the end of November 2014. In December 2014, Shenzhen went to Hong Kong to issue RMB bonds for the first time, becoming the first RMB bond with the Qianhai concept in the overseas market.

(Original title: The Guangdong Free Trade Zone is listed, Qianhai will follow closely)