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Jintaida International distributes benefits to all new and old customers

Back source: company news Time: 2020-08-26 14:54:55

1. South China Post is the general agent of Guangzhou and Shenzhen EMS. The order is cut off at 5:00 pm, and it is online on the same day. The average daily transaction is 1,000 votes. There is no opponent in South China! ! !

   2. If your goods are oversized in Mexico, and you want to deliver the double tax package to the door, customs clearance is still a bit sensitive, you can do it locally in Mexico! Whether it is air freight or Shanghai Pai, please contact Jintaida---we can do it! ! !

   3. There is no surcharge within 200*70*80 for U.S. line oversize service, special line channels for oversize items, 300/piece per item, the best in the market! ! !

   4. If your goods arrive at the end of work (6:00) or are only produced, but the customer wants to request DHL pickup and transfer records in a hurry, please contact Jintaida directly---value-added service, we can do it To! ! ! !

   5. You deserve to have the federal selling price, you can read the bill

   6. The Russian special line double tax package to the door, can be delivered to remote areas in the Far East, starting at 60 yuan

   7. Jintaida has its own U.S. dollar account, which can receive foreign exchange directly. If you do business with our company, you can pay for shipping in U.S. dollars! ! !

   8. General trade. All countries in the world pick up and import to the mainland, and you can transfer to the port you want to clear customs for customs clearance!